Cat, Bird and a Grape

Since graduation, I've been working on a smaller scale, a size that I could manage at my home-studio before I venture back to larger ones. 

Most of my traditional works are black and white or monotone, and I'm slowly making additions. I have numerous people ask me if I would do tattoos, and I would, but I think tattoo is such a culture within itself that I don't think I can "just do". Hopefully in the future though. 

Would you get these as tattoos?

Blog tag

My good friend Laura Tibaquira has tagged me on this blog tour, so here I go.

*What am I currently working on?*

-I am currently working on person pieces. Not any particular theme, I'm exploring a little with what I enjoy to draw and compose those elements into an illustration piece. I am also doing some small drawings just for friends for fun, it helps me coming up with ideas when I think of what the person would like, limitations helps with grounding the ideas and not getting lost in the infinite possibilities.  

*How is my work different from others in my genre?*

-I think the differences might be too subtle to describe in words. A lot of work these days can be similar, because we are inspired by largely the same artist, historical or contemporary. I think the only differences would be what I personally like "outside of art". I talked to a friend about this, that what makes an artist different a lot of times is what she or he does outside of art. If you are an outdoor person, indoor person, the types of books you read, movies you like to watch and the music you listen to. Those are the things that (hopefully) influences your work, because at the end of the day, one way to keep "you" are the things you gravitative towards, and not what "you think you should be doing". 
I really like the typical pretty things, so I tend to draw a lot of floral, girls in dresses, birds with beautiful feathers, and anything else I draw probably has a "soft touch" and some describes as intricate lines.

*Why do I illustrate what I do?*

-Mostly because I like how the subjects looks? haha. This probably ties back to the last question. Everyone I think has their own aesthetic, what I illustrate is basically find either beautiful and/or challenging somethings, so I can also learn and grown the more I work. 

*How does my illustration/writing process work?*

-I usually find a shape that I like, then I rough out where I want to concentrate more details with pencil. Then depending on the piece, I either use a brush or a nib pen to do the final drawings. These days I color with ink as well, I find they bleed less to none. So far I only have the primary color inks, I can mix most colors I want with the three, it's also a great way to keep my palette consistent. However I probably will explore colors more later in the line. Lastly I scan the image in for some minor editing to post them up, and sometimes make prints of them. 

At the end of the post, introduce the readers to another illustrator or two, to keep the tour going.

-I like to introduce you good friend and a fantastic illustrator Melody Grace Cave at Oh Melody. The girl does fine art, illustration and graphic design, the whole package! Be ready to be wowed by her beautifully detailed drawings with sweet sweet colors!