end of the semester-thesis1

Officially done with first semester of second year of grad school. One of the VERY few times that I had some beer with my amazing classmates, feels good.

Thesis has been a steady uphill climb, some points were frustrating as expected, and every bit rewarding. I came to grad school at SVA with some very clear goals, some less clear goals and some blanks. I accomplished some and I couldn't be happier. Bottom line of what I've learned is that Nike has it right, Just Do It. 

We can all talk the talk, and could walk the walk, but for various reason don't always. Personally it's either lazy or afraid, mostly lazy. Over come that laziness/afraid doesn't just help working habit but other aspects of my life, as I have come to experience. Ultimately life is not just work, but a balancing game of many responsibilities and wants. Fortunately I get to do what I enjoy and passionate about as a profession, and I should make damn sure to do my best.

Off to trips in two days, going home, and then going HOME.
Hope everyone a great winter vacation, happy holidays, be merry and stay safe.