Selected page from book  The Chase  by Te Chao.

Selected page from book The Chase by Te Chao.

It's been roughly two month since the semester started, thesis project is well on its way and I am quite excited. Both September and October has been busy, with moving, book show, friends visiting and learning!  

Last weekend I went to see Chris Burden's solo exhibition at the New Museum (on Bowery x Prince) with friends (free for SVA students!). It was thought provoking to say the least. I've not been a fan of installation shows, but I am developing an appreciation the more I learn about them. Many of Burden's exhibition involved putting audience in a setting, a situation (many not even in an exhibition hall) when reactions and interactions were part of the exhibition. Before exiting the gift shop at the end of the trip, I also learned that the lamps in front of LACMA in California has also been designed by Chris Burden, all these years that I've driven by them.

My works have always been on paper, in the studio. It's not only refreshing to see artists create beyond the 2 or 3 dimensional, it's also inspiring.